Pregnancy Back Support Belt™

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Are you in need of relief from back pain due to pregnancy?

 Looking for a “stay-put yet comfortable design? Try our Happy Preggy - Comfy Pregnancy Band! We’ve researched that some mothers don’t know the necessity of a maternity belt. Diet and exercise are great for expecting moms but sometimes gravity and necessary weight gain puts a strain on your back and pressure on your pelvis regardless.

This pregnancy band is the added help you need. Back pain and pelvic pressure are ailments common to an incompetent cervix. Our maternity belt will help you reduce back pain and pelvic pressure to increase mobility and comfortability. With our specially designed maternity belt, you can move the adjustable band for every trimester of your pregnancy to help keep you safe and comfortable!

"The band feels just lovely on and the back is sturdy enough to really take the weight off my belly. My pains are virtually gone! This has been a life saver for me."

✅Designed for those suffering from lower back pain due to pregnancy.

✅Supports the lower back by holding your abdominal upright, this relieves the pressure caused by the weight of your bump.

✅Wraps around your belly and waist, lessening the burden of pregnancy weight.

✅Helps you get relief from hip, pelvic, SPD and sacroiliac pain, while further minimising spinal strain.



Breathable and flexible fabric that comfortably wraps around your lower back, diffusing the pressure instantly. Gives you extra support when going on about your day.


We've used the most comfortable and reliable medical-grade fabrics when designing this pad. The pad is placed just above your pubic area lifting up your bump, dramatically reducing pelvic pressure & helps with SPD. This makes you feel 10x lighter and more agile.


The Pregnancy Back Support Belt™ holds your bump in place, this is ideal for when you are further down in your pregnancy as it will give you that extra support on your bump & give your baby the sensation of you holding your abdominal area, making your baby feel at ease and relaxed.


The 3 support bands will improve your posture while pregnant and dramatically reduce lower back pain. This will also help your baby grow healthy & strong while it maintains the correct position in your womb, avoiding getting tangled with the umbilical cord. (Picture example below)


1st Trimester: Size M: 70-100cm

1st&2nd Trimester: Size L: 80-110cm

2nd Trimester: Size XL: 90-120cm

3rd Trimester: Size XXL: 100-130cm

The support belts are flexible and will adjust to your body's shape and size, for accuracy please measure your abdominal circumference and select your size accordingly.

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